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One of the new hair that you can not give up for those who opt for long and medium haircuts is definitely the braid. Spring-summer 2015 fashion seems to love very much the naturalness of the hairstyles and the hippie spirit that the beautiful season always brings with it. But the braid is not to be chosen only because it recalls the flower-power atmosphere, because it can also be made for other types of looks and can embellish and make a special evening absolutely unique. But what are the types of braids, recommended by the hairdresser and which are best suited to our style? Here are some tips and tricks. To create a simple hairstyle for long cuts in hippie style, just make a few pigtails and leave them free to fall around the face and shoulders. Naturalness is the basic rule for the good season. Another novelty for your long and medium haircuts, could be that of a wavy folding framed by a crown of pigtails. It is an elegant and refined look, but that does not exceed in the structuring. Here are the practical tips of the hairdresser: after applying to the still moist hair a mousse that allows to shape them, it is necessary to dry them, but not to make them excessively smooth. At this point, after making a row in the middle, you have to curl the locks quite noticeably. Once you have created the wavy folding, from the hairdresser, you have to brush and cotod the hair that is in the middle of the head: at this point you have to work on two fishbone braids that start from the side of the row. At this point you simply need to fasten the braids with hairpins at the height of the ears. Many other ideas, you will find on our site always updated on the latest haircuts news. Stay up to date!

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