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Novita Capelli : One of the new hair that cannot be waived for those who opt for long and medium hair cuts is definitely the braid. Fashion spring-summer 2015 seems to love the naturalness of hairstyles and hippy spirit that the summer always brings with it. But the braid is not to choose only because it draws the flower-power, because it can be made for other types of looks and can enrich and make only a very special evening. But what are the different types of braids, recommended by the hair and which are best suited to our style? Here are some tips and suggestions. To make a simple hairstyle for long cuts in hippie style, just make a few pigtails and leave these free falling around her face and shoulders. Naturalness is the basic rule for the summer. Another novelty for your long and medium hair cuts, would be to a styling wavy surrounded by a Crown of braids. This is a sleek and stylish, but not exceeding in structuring. Here are the tips of the hair: after applying the hair still damp a mousse that allows to model them, you must dry them, but make them overly slick. At this point, after a row in the Middle, you have to curl the strands in a rather obvious. Once you have created the styling wavy, the hairdresser, you have to brush and backcomb the hair that are located at the center of the head: at this point we need to work on two braids in \"herringbone\" that start from the side of the row. At this point it is necessary to simply fix the cables with the Bobby pins to ear height. Many other ideas you will find on our site up to date on the latest news hair cuts. Stay up to date!

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19 Apr 19

Jessica Neil & Mary Geoghegan


Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Clare Frith


19 Apr 19


Purtroppo non esiste nemmeno un MINIMO ACCORDO fra produttori e distributori né di un decalogo che garantisca, a favore dei consumatori, da una parte la QUALITÀ del prodotto e dall'altra la SOSTENIBILITÀ dell'ambiente.

Quel che oggi si vede è solo un po' di MARKETING travestito !

La protezione dell'ambiente è un FATTORE CHIAVE e l'industria deve avere un ruolo guida ed evitare pratiche sleali.

19 Apr 19

Les Nouvelles Estetiques

Acquista l'abbonamento annuale cartaceo ( 6 uscite )
di Les Nouvelles Esthétiques, 
la rivista per l'aggiornamento professionale.

otterrai la DIGITAL EDITION in omaggio e
un BUONO SCONTO del valore di 17 Euro.

19 Apr 19


Per un BRAND (vero) non basta far sapere al mercato che esiste,
ma deve farsi riconoscere, insegnare a distinguersi fra tutti.

La PUBBLICITÀ serve anche a questo.

18 Apr 19


Il gruppo PETTENON ha lanciato una linea di prodotti per capelli nella GDO (Grande Distribuzione Organizzata) a nome

Allarga così anche una linea per il grande pubblico privato oltre che al settore professionale per Parrucchieri dove distribuisce i marchi:


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